Monday, July 30, 2012

The Ultimate Taste Test Challenge Part 1- Sisig, Bagwang, Chorizo and Pulled-Pork

I have been waiting for the Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 for the past month. And at last, July 29 finally arrived and my taste buds went loco during this event. I said during one of my previous posts that I have set high expectations for this event and luckily, those expectations were met. I have to say that most, if not all the concessionaires during the challenge are just awesome and had set their best food forward.

Not only am I going to rate them for their food. There's more than what meets the taste buds. I am also going to rate them accordingly on how they prepare, present their food and how the owners and staff interact with their customers.

Yes, I brought my own utensils. #likeaboss

A "passport" was given to all the participants. Each stall would put a stamp on the passport after sampling their products.

Blogger guru Anton Diaz and RJ Ledesma who co-owns Soderno and Mercato Centrale inaugurates the event.

After the long wait, foodies finally flocked the stalls.

An acoustic duo entertained everyone that night which also served as a diversion so that everyone can calm down from all the food mayhem.

There were tables set inside and outside for those who prefer al-fresco dining.

First on the list is Chef Bah's Sizzling Sisig by DadsMoms Kitchen. When I went to their stall, I was welcomed by their skillets full of sisig in various forms.

I was then given samples of their Pork and Pusit sisig.

Their Pusit Sisig is surprisingly delicious.

Their sisig is unique because of the ingredients and flavors used. Unfortunately, I was not able to see the sizzling factor. The ones served was cold and the texture was kind of odd. 

I am awarding them a silver medal for flavor and taste. The only thing that I can comment for improvement is the temperature when this is served. Sisig should be sizzling or at the least, hot. But over-all, it was good!

My next stop is ManilaQ. This particular stall is no stranger to me. I have been a regular customer and a happy one at that. Everytime I visit Soderno, I'd always order their infamous "Bagwang".

Some of their popular offerings include the spicy Vigan longanissa and grilled salmon.

Bagwang is a cross-breed between a bagnet, chicharon and bacon. It's got the taste of bagnet, a bit thicker than bacon and as crunchy as a freshly made chicharon. Served perfectly with egg and fried rice. 

I am giving them a gold medal not only for the awesome food that they are offering but also for the very friendly and cheerful staff. The more I'd be enjoying my food if it was served with a smile. :)

This is Calidad Espanola. They serve all sorts of chorizos and I have to say that it is so-so.

Their chorizos are legit and authentic but I did not find anything special with what they are offering.

Out final stop for this batch is Bread Winner. They served up samples of their best sellers.

I personally fell in love with their Pulled Pork. The meat is just right in texture and size. Its flavor compliments the tangy-ness of the sauce. Eating this is heavy in the belly- a great alternative instead of eating rice.

As I watch them prepare their food, I can see that they don't jeopardize the quality of their ingredients so they can mass produce. I just hope they keep the same mentality once they get more popular in this industry.

They get a gold medal for quality and taste. Great job!

That wraps up my first batch of concessionaires from the Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 Challenge. I may say something unpleasant about some of the participants but please take it as something constructive. All participants are promising and some may have room for improvements. Focus on those improvements and for sure you'll do better.