Friday, August 3, 2012

The Ultimate Taste Test Challenge Part 3: Pocket Pies, V.I.P.s And Some Chinese Cuisines

Hello everyone! We are now on to the third installment of the "what's what" on the recently concluded Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 @ The Soderno. But before we continue, I would like to congratulate RJ Ledesma, @rjled and Anton Diaz, @antondiaz for a successful opening of Mezza Norte in the UP Ayala Technohub up in the north. I hope you guys can revive Soderno to have the same lively and festive atmosphere it once had.

First on the list is Panzarotti. Sandwich-sized calzones are often sold at Italian lunch counters or by street vendors because they are easy to eat while standing or walking. These are more like the Italian version of Jamaican patties.

Fried versions typically filled with tomato and mozzarella, are made in Puglia and are called Panzerotti.

It's like having your favorite pizza toppings in a pocket pie.

We are served portions of their pocket pies and got to choose between sauces of pomodoro, sour cream (or whatever that was, its delicious!), and pesto.

It was served with fresh basil and alfalfa.

I gave the folks of Panzarotti a bronze medal for their flavorful pockets, probably just way too flavorful. There was just too many stuff going on it got my taste buds confused. Plus, since it was fried, you'll be over and out on the third or fourth bite because of it's umay factor. Suggestion: Have it baked instead of having it fried so we can get the oily and greasy factor out of the way. But over all, it was great!

Next on the list is Mommy Corrie's Homemade, Original VIP Chicharon. It was not called VIP for no reason. As it was explained to me, the pork rinds doesn't have MSG and the recipe was formulated in the United States.

I'd say that the texture of their chicharon as to those readily available in the market is completely different. Theirs is more rich and not too salty. You'd actually taste the pork flavor without them having to add any artificial enhancers. Still, its chicharon. I'd get a cardiac arrest if I eat a bag or two of these bad boys. 

Next stop is Polland's Chinese Cuisine. I think they were just and add-on on the event because they are not listed on the passport. But, it was a good decision for them to be included because they are just awesome. They have all sorts of goodies to offer. When I approached their stall, they immediately filled my place with all kinds of wonderful things. They awakened the little Chinese blood from my ancestors inside me.

Yeah its healthy and all, I see a lot of greens and leaves on their table.

The original Kikiam! Hell, it was good i shed a tear.

I don't know what this was because I passed on it after it was offered. But it looks good on an omnivore's point of view. #sorryimacarnivore

The Cuchay-Ah, or what I called "mutant emapandas" was a revelation. It tasted so good I slapped the bejesus out from the stranger that was sitting next to me. Note to Noynoy: Tell China that they can have the Scarborough Shoal if they gave every Filipino a lifetime supply of these little delights. #okimkiddingdonttakeitagainstme

I solemnly swear, this is FAR better than Max's.

I am supposed to hand them a gold medal but the folks in the stall are just too busy handing out food. They are one of the stalls that's on a box-office status that evening. Plus, 2 overly obese dude are blocking the way. But anyhow, you guys got a gold medal from me! Cheers!

During the event, they also have beverage stalls. One of them is from Honest Ventures Corporation with their product of Thai coffee. As their Facebook account says: Khao Shong, to millions of Thais, means coffee. Established in 1959, the brand continues to be a market leader in the Thai coffee industry for over 50 years now. The company was also the first to introduce instant coffee in their country.

Their coffee tastes unique plus they have different variants to choose from! A must try! Try to look for it in your nearest grocery store. 

Oh, hello there! Its been a while! Sorry but Ill pass. I've been sober for quite sometime now and I'd like to keep it that way. #heathyliving #gonearethedrunkdudedays

I am ignoring the way you branded your product because it is actually good. Its the local version of Bailey's but only stronger in taste and alcohol content (if I can recall).

Packaging and content is totally fine with me. Its just the freaking name that's disturbing. #sayang

Organikka serves up some juices made of vegetables. the orange one was good till they told me what its made of. #notforcarnivores

That's it for now. I'll be including all your (actually its mine) sweet fantasies on the final set coz' it's desserts time!  There's just sweets everywhere and dude, every one of them is really worth every buck! For now, enjoy coz its Friday! Cheers!