Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Ultimate Taste Test Challenge Part 4: Dessert Galore!

Here is the final installment on my journey in the Ultimate Taste Test Challenge at the Soderno @ Molito in Alabang last week. I saved the best for last. I imagined being one of the kids who won a golden ticket who entered Willy Wonka's factory. There were sweets everywhere and it was heaven!

First on the list is last year's Ultimate Taste Test winner Nutella Rocks. At first I thought that the product has a texture like that of an Oreo. But when I had my first bite, it was like eating a brownie with all the good stuff in the center. For someone who has a sweet tooth like me, i find it too sweet and rich. Nevertheless, it was heaven. I just wish the would make a variant without the nutty bits. 

They were so kind to give me second serving. :) I hope they become available weekly in Soderno. 
P.S.:  I am so intrigued by the Green Tea Cupcakes you told me. I am looking forward in trying it soon.

This is pure cacao tablea made by Neneng's and all their products are made from cocoa and is homemade. 

Their hot chocolate was a very timely treat for everyone because of the weather. They even provide an option for milk to go with it.

They also have little cupcakes that was bittersweet. I'd love it more if it had more icing on it. #butheyitsjustme

I gave them a silver medal for taste, quality and those cheerful smiles.

Growing up with a tita who makes the BEST ensaymadas and other pastries, Piper's Pan Ensaymada was pretty hard to judge. Their ensaymadas has all the right components but something is still lacking. Probably the texture should be a little bit softer and fluffier.

It is rare to see ensaymadas with generous portions of cheese. The flavor is just right.

I just wish that instead of using creamed icing, I hope they used butter instead. But I understand that using that cream/icing would increase its shelf life.

Next on the list is Little Bites and their delicious Red Velvet Crinkles. It was a very creative way of putting a twist on your typical crinkles. 

The flavor is just really amazing but somehow there was something weird with its texture. This one has that kind of marshmallow-y texture unlike most crinkles. It somehow feels kind of "air-y" on every bite. I hope they make it a little bit more "solid" so that we have something more to chew on.

Next on the list is Bambi's House of Desserts. I have known these guys since the opening of Soderno in Alabang and I am happy that they have been around to fulfill my cupcake needs. I have been a regular customer since day 1 and I must say that I am one happy camper. If you look at the picture more closely, you'll actually see how moist they are.

During the event, they made little versions of their best sellers which are the Red Velvet cupcakes and the Vanilla cupcakes. I did not give them any medal because they are already close to my heart and I know that they have a huge potential to create more wonderful treats compared to what they are offering right now.

What's a food event without the sweet cold treats? The artisan sorbets created by Pureflavors was a revelation. It was Hizon's Caterting's daughter who was the brainchild to these delectable sorbets.

i personally loved their Valhrona Dark Chocolate sorbet. It was not too rich and not too over the top.

Gave the happy couple a silver medal for the most promising brand during the event. Their sorbets are just amazing! 

For the ice cream department, I had a had time choosing between the two who was there during the event. both offers quality ice creams that has their own unique qualities that I both really loved. 

Merry Moo's selection was just wonderful. Each flavor was a work of art. Their chili Bacon Tablea came a little too strong but it was worth the experience.

I fell in love with their Strawberry Shortcake. It's loaded with real shortcakes chunks in generous proportions. It gave me that a la mode impression on this one.

The Coffee Toffee was also awesome although I was not able to taste much of the coffee side.

I gave them a gold medal for creativity. Who would have thought chili, bacon and cacao would collide.

To wrap-off the event, I closed it with some liquor. Ice cream liquor that is. These magnificent creations from Frisch Liquer Ice Cream are to die for (or atleast, to get drunk at). They've infused the sweet wonderful traditional ice cream with either vodka, gin and whiskey. Voila! Sweet treats for the young at heart. I only have one negative remark on their products- have one freaking branch here in the south!

I'd probably get drunk if i consume a tub of these bad boys. This is a first that I actually loved all the flavors. They were kind enough to let me help myself with all their treats.

They also got a gold medal for texture and consistency. I'd say that it has the right amount of alcohol and the right amount of sweetness everyone who's over 18 years old will surely love! I just gotta have more of these.

That's it folks! That wraps up this year's Ultimate Taste Test challenge thanks to Soderno@Molito in Alabang and our dear friends from's Anton Diaz and RJ Ledesma.
Congratulations to all the winners and to the others, good luck next year! See you around!

"Shut up and enjoy your food!" -Adrian Benipayo