Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Magandang Gabi... Bayan.

You are a 90's Pinoy kid if you know that, every halloween, Kabayan Noli de Castro's Magandang Gabi... Bayan or MGB is already showing commercials for their halloween special. If you are one of those scaredy cats, you'd immediately grab the remote and change the channel until the commercial ends. But eventually, you'd tune-in and watch the show together with your parents. Predictable storylines, bad lighting and hideous effects- the feel of watching their halloween specials has been a tradition years after years during MGB's run. It is actually most people look forward to every halloween. 

So, for tradition's sake and for the spirit of Halloween, here's a series of MGB Halloween episodes I found on YouTube. Enjoy and make sure you are not alone! Happy Halloween!