Friday, January 18, 2013

#FoodTripFriday: Wang Fu Chinese Cafe

 I was invited to discover the newest Chinese-Singaporean Cafe in the northern side of the metro. Since I haven't eaten any breakfast, I came armed and dangerous. Around noon, I arrived at Il Terrazo which is located at the heart of Tomas Morato. As I enter Wang Fu Cafe, I was welcomed by their cheerful staff. The place has chic and contemporary interiors which is very stylish and modern but not intimidating.

Wang Fu Cafe combines the concept of traditional Singaporean Hawker Center and Hong Kong Tea house that serve well-loved Singaporean and Cantonese comfort food all wrapped in one modern and compact cafe. 

For starters, we were served some French Bean Stir Fry. I was hesitant to try it at first for two reasons: I don't eat vegetables and my tolerance level for spicy food is zero. Nada. But nonetheless, I gave it a try. Unlike others that will automatically burst its spicy-ness, this one starts out mild and eventually goes up a notch.

Next, we are served the Wang Fu Hainanese Chicken which is one of their best-sellers. The chicken is tender and the flavor is just right- not too strong and not too bland.

The chicken comes with three different dipping sauces- sate, chili sauce and ginger sauce. 

Then came the Black Pepper Beef. The pepper flavor is not too strong, giving you the chance to savor all the other flavors of this dish. The meat was well cooked as I did not have any hard time cutting it in half and chewing it (because if not cooked correctly, it will turn into a chewing gum).

Cereal Prawns. Another hazardous food for me since I am allergic to certain kinds of prawns. I took the risk since it was hard to resist. A lot of different flavors and textures made me dance for joy on my first bite. The cereals brought that sweetness and crunch while the prawn brings that tenderness and salty-tangy taste on every bite.

Soy Chicken. Same as the Hainanese Chicken, this one is just as tender and as flavorful.

Their Chili Potato Strings was something that new to me. Its a blanched, julienned which is slightly cooked in a spicy vinaigrette marinade. I asked my friends first how the spice level is. I may not be able to tolerate the heat so I opt to pass on this one.

The Beef Curry's flavor gives that balance of spiciness and saltiness to it. the beef is so tender as well.

The Crunchy Sweet and Sour Pork, which is my personal favorite, has the right amount of zest in it. The pork meat is crunchy even if it was already smothered with the sauce which is impressive. (I have to know this since every time I eat at a Chinese restaurant, ordering sweet and sour pork is always first on the list)

And now, lets go to the beverage section...

Lychee Freeze is one of the may flavors available to choose from on their freeze selection.

Peach Freeze.

I tired their Milo Godzilla- Milk, Milo, chunks of ice topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and powdered with more Milo. good Stuff. I highly recommend this for those with a sweet tooth like me.

For those who is not on the sweet side, the Milo Dinosaur will do the trick. It's the same as the Godzilla but minus the ice cream.

Iced Nan Yang White Coffee (R) and Iced Nan Yang Milk Tea (L)

And now for the desserts!

Mango Kachang. Ice shavings on milk, drizzled with mango bits, mango sauce together with other fruits that compliments the main star. This reminds me of the "fruit salad" that we used to make during parties.

This is the Traditional Ice Kachang which is a symphony of different fruity flavors mixed with a few bits of corn, nata and the works. Its like a mutated halo-halo with a twist of different fruity flavors.

Wang Fu takes pride in a full menu of authentic Chinese cuisine prepared by its head chef which came from China- Chef Atong. I'd say that what stood out for me during this dining experience was the Cereal Prawns, Sweet and Sour Pork, French Bean Stir Fry and their Soy Chicken. On the sweets corner, I highly recommend the Milo Godzilla and Traditional Ice Kachang.

In this photo: Wang Fu Cafe owners Lester Pimintel and restaurant manager Freda Co together with their head chefs. This may be the last photo of the two chefs since I am planning to kidnap them and have them work in my own private kitchen.

This is one awesome #FoodTripFriday for me. How's yours?