Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bromance: My Brother's Romance brings comedy to a new light


Skylight Films has always been known for its egdgy, out-of-the-box movie creations. On May 15tyh, Skylight films brings moviegoers another novel movie experience with Bromance: My Brother's Romance. This is their first crack at the comedy genre after two successful horror-suspense thrillers- Crazon: Ang Unang Aswang and Amorosa.

To be directed by box-office comedy director Wenn Dereamas, this movie is also the first time that Kapamilya actor Zanjoe Marudo takes on a lead part and dual role as twins-- one of whom is a though-talking, macho guy and the other, gay.

The story of Bromance revolves around the lives of twins Brando and Brandy. Because Brando has problems accepting his twin Brandy being gay, he decides to make a life of his own, put up an auto repair business and become a mechanic. Meanwhile, Brandy sets out on a path of his own and becomes a successful interior designer.

The twins continue on separate paths until one day, their mother begs them to set aside their differences and reconcile. So brandy sets off to look for his brother but meets an unfortunate accident that renders him unconscious. While Brandy is in a coma, Brando learns that just before the accident happened, his brother was in the final stages of negotiating a multi-million peso design deal with a client.

Afraid that they would lose everything with Brandy in a coma, Brandy decides to pull a twin switch and pose as his gay brother. So the former straight, though-talking and macho Brando turns into the gay Brandy!

While posing as his gay brother, Brando realizes that not only will his deal solve all of his financial problems, it also gives him a chance to set things right with Erika (Christine Reyes), Brandy's good friend that he used to have a crush on.

Now that the world has turned upside-down- with Brando assuming Brandy's happy and gay personality- is there any hope that life will go back to normal for the twins? Will Brandy wake-up in time and find out the switch his twin pulled off and save everything?

The answers are in Bromance: My Brother's Romance, which will hit theaters this May 15th. This gender-bending comedy also features "Karakaraka", the single from Vice Ganda's new dance album, as its theme song.

Also in the cast are Arlene Mulach, Joy Viado, Manuel Chua, Boom Labrusca, Joey Paras, Lassi, Atak, Nikki Valdez, Maricar de Mesa, Abbie Bautista, Carlo Romero and Jeff Luna.